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Bar Top Resin, Table Top Resin, Superez Resin
Bar Top Resin also called Table Top Resin is a decorative coating for almost any surface.  It is used in restaurants and homes to beautify tables and bars to create decorative and unique pieces.  This table and bar resin is also used to enrich wood projects and to encapsulate and protect.  Other uses are for plaques and trophies, sign making, electrical potting, label doming, artwork, keychains, paperweights, jewelry, decoupage, rust prevention coating for certain metal, cypress clocks, various wood projects, and much more. Artist also use this for many projects.  This is a commercial grade coating that is easy to use and economical in price.  Whether you own a commercial establishment or you are a homeowner or hobbyist your success is our goal.

Superez Resin is a premium quality table top resin that ships easily to your restaurant, residence, or freight forwarder.  Our customers have created works of art with unique ideas and patterns.

This bar is given a primitive look
by adding colors to Superez.

There are 256 colors available for the bar top resin.  The bar becomes your

Table coated with Superez with embedded wood and rope from an old ship, seashells, sea urchins, sand, and faux gold coins.  Glossy clear finish is like a
sheet of glass!

You can create a conversation piece.  You can embed many items in the clear table top coating such as baseball cards, menus, beer bottle caps, coins, lace, photos, newspaper clippings, rope, seashells, business cards, coasters, placemats, etc. Use your imagination to create and impress.


    A clear coating of Superez over a professional artist's seascape.

Photos embeded in a clear coating add atmosphere.

  An initial coating with pigment
  added followed by a clear
  coating with "confetti" mixed in.
  A 3rd clear coating to cover any
  "confetti" edges that may be

  Glitter or pvc chips can 
   also be used.
Be Creative and Impress! 
  If you sponge paint the
  surface before you apply
  a clear coat you can
  achieve a stone or
  granite look.
  Another coat of the table
  top resin will create a
  deeper look.

Superez Table Top Resin is premium quality for a low price.

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