Resin for Bar Tops, Table Tops, Plaques, Cypress Clocks, Wood Projects, and more!


Pricing for Superez Table Top Resin

Superez is a 1:1 mix and coverage is 25 sq. ft. per gallon at 3/32" thick.
Most projects look best with 2 coats although
you can make it as thick as you desire.
Do not pour a thick coat. 

To achieve any thickness, it must be done in layers.

2 gallon kit is 1 gallon of Side A and 1 gallon of Side B

Buy 1  2-gallon kit at  $71.95

Buy 2  2-gallon kits at   67.95 per kit

Buy 4  2-gallon kit at    64.95 per kit

For large jobs please call for pricing.

Superez is now available in smaller sizes.
1 pint kit is 8oz side A and 8oz. side B  for       $  9.99
1 quart kit is 16oz side A and 16 oz side B for   $16.99
2 quart kit is 32oz side A and 32 oz side B for   $20.99

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